Gynaecomastia Treatment

Get rid of man boobs the easy way

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Cryolipolysis, more commonly known as Fat Freezing or Body Sculpting, is fantastic for treating men’s troublesome chest area. Fat Freezing can target stubborn fat in this area to help reduce excess fat. … Fat Freezing is a completely non-invasive, safe and effective treatment. Man boobs are a troublesome area for many men and this treatment is effective and effortless.

Body Sculpt UK are here to help you achieve the body you desire by offering a dedicated Gynaecomastia treatment specialist in the comfort of your own home or at one of our prestigious and luxurious body sculpting clinics across the UK and administered safely and professionally in comfort.

Benefits of Gynaecomastia Treatment

Our body sculpting treatment for Gynaecomastia is a clinically proven and delivers fast and long-lasting fat reduction results. Cryolipolysis delivers a smooth sculpted body shape.

  • Leading fat freezing system

  • Non-surgical treatment

  • Clinic or mobile in your home

  • Man boob reduction specialists

  • Trained and insured experts

  • Proven guaranteed results

  • No diets and no down time

  • Burn fat with no surgery

  • Target sagging or fatty chest

  • Perfect for men and women

  • Lose those man boobs or moobs

  • Proven weight loss solutions

  • Free body sculpting consultation

  • Sculpt and tone the chest

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Gynaecomastia FAQ

Common questions people ask us about cryolipolysis; also known as “fat freezing” or “body sculpting”.  If you can not find an answer to your question below, then please feel free to get in touch.

Does fat freezing work on Gynaecomastia?

Originally developed to quickly eliminate stubborn pockets of fat without the need for invasive liposuction surgeries, Body Sculpting is an innovative technology that offers a painless way to eliminate fat deposits, and recently this device has been found to successfully treat Gynecomastia.

How effective is Gynaecomastia Treatment?

Body Sculpting and other forms of cryolipolysis have a high success rate. They are effective for removing areas of fat from the body, and have fewer side effects than other procedures, such as liposuction.

Is Cryolipolysis for Gynaecomastia permanent?

Cryolipolysis does permanently remove the treated fat cells by exposing them to low temperatures that destroy them. The dead cells are then excreted by the body with all other waste. As those cells don’t ever come back, technically “fat freezing” is a permanent procedure.

Is Gynaecomastia Fat Freezing safe?

All things considered, cryolipolysis does appear to be a relatively safe and effective way to reduce the size of small, localised deposits of stubborn fat. Most people who use it report being “extremely satisfied” or “satisfied” with the results.

How much of my man boobs can I reduce?

Each session usually removes 20 to 25 percent of the fat cells in the treated area. You can’t measure subtle volume loss well by measuring inches or weight on a scale. However, you should notice a visible difference of up to 25 percent fat loss in the target area a few months after treatment.

Does Gynaecomastia treatment tighten skin?

In addition to fat layer reduction, cryolipolysis can noticeably reduce skin laxity. The mechanism by which cryolipolysis induces skin tightening is not known. The improved appearance in the skin may not actually be skin tightening but perhaps dermal thickening, resulting in an improved appearance to thin, crepey skin.

How much does Gynaecomastia Treatment cost?

The cost is dependent on whether both pectorals need to be treated to overcome Gyna so cost would be between £210 – £330.

Can you exercise after Cryolipolysis?

You can exercise soon after Cryolipolysis, though, so it’s easy to maximise your results with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

What food should I consume after Cryolipolysis?

To avoid gaining fat after the procedure, your diet should consist mostly of healthy foods like lean protein, healthy fat, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Try to avoid baked goods, chips, and other junk food.